Name:Dr Rajendra Kumar Sahu
Edu Qualification:BAMS, MD ayu (Goldmedalist)
Specialities:Specialist in Sickle Cell Diseases
Address :
M.M.3 civil township
Clinic Address:
M.M.3 civil township
Contact:+91-9438792433, 9938240577

Name:DR.Atulya Kumar Pattnayak
Edu Qualification:B.A.M.S (Distn)Goldmedalist
Specialities:Ayurvedic Medicine
Address :
Clinic Address:
Edu Qualification:BAMS
Specialities:Ayurvedic Specialist
Address :
Nabarangapur (Orissa) - 764059
Clinic Address:
Nabarangapur (Orissa) - 764059
Contact:+91-6858-9437301440, 9437301440
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13 Responses so far.

  1. vikas pareek says:

    Dear Sir,

    Plz find given below the details of my brother Mr. Vishal Pareek. You can help me? down her sex or down her semen.

    – Name: Mr. V***** P*****

    – Age: +39

    – Gender : Male

    Wt: 51 Kg.

    Height: 5’2″

    – Working: Business man

    – Wife Name: Mrs. A****** P*****

    – Childs: 02 Nos. (01 Girl 10+, 01 Boy 8+ )

    – Elder Brother : Mr V**** P*****. ( Age: 47+) (no disease)

    Younger Brother: Mr. V**** P***** (33+) (Acid Problems) –I

    – Hobby: Watching TV , (Cricket, Drama)

    – Foods Chart: Tiffin: Chapati & Fried Vegetables.

    o Lunch: Rice, Dal, Sabji. (Monthly one time Outside Non-Veg (Friend circle))

    o Dinner: Chapati, Vegetables

    Acid problems – (Last 6/7 month)

    Night sleep problems.

    Sex: (Compulsory Sex with his wife) Daily 2 to 3 times a day or above. / Bit him. (Morning, Noon & Night)

    Use Medicine details:(not stop his sex or Siemens)

    1. Picric Acid – 30 Days. (01 time – Stop) (Dr. Patel, Odisha)

    2. Platina 1 m – 10 Days. (01 time – Stop) (Dr. Patel, Odisha)

    3. Poshperos – 10 Days. (01 time – Stop) (Dr. Kamala Rout, Odisha)

    4. Platina 10 m – 25 Days. (01 time – stop) (Dr. Patel, Odisha)

    5. Hysteria – REPL (Patna, Bihar) – 45 Days. (3 times – stop)

    6. Aegle Folia Q (Dr. Wilimar Schwale India P. Ltd. (Instruction by:- REPL, Patna, Bihar)(3 time – stop)01 month)

    7. Acid Flora – (stop)(3 times) (Dr. Tiwary – REPL, Patna)20 days.

    8. R 14 – (Dr. Reckeweg)(Contd..)(3 times) (Dr. Patel)

    9. hyoscyamus 30 – (Dr. Reckeweg) (3 time) contd.

    10. Posion nut 0/1 – One time cont.

    Keep a gap of 10-15 minutes between these medicines.

    If any other details are reqd please mail me or call me.

    Mami, papa ke bhi baat nahi sunte , marne lagte hai, rone lagte hai aur phir (suicide) marne ke liye kabhi ghar se bhag jate hai.bhabi kuch bi bolti hai to use bhi marne lagte hai. kya duniya mai aise koi bhi dabai nahi hai jo unka sex ko bad kar de ya phir unko thik karde. na mawas mante hai na koi shrad , puja mante hai.

    With Regards,


  2. d rour says:

    dear sir
    i am mr dhaneswar rout i beg to state that my fathers two kidney is faliour now it is dilysis stage.sir please the what is the soluation

  3. name of aruvedic doctors at porissa says:

    required name and address of this doctors

  4. trinah pradhan. says:

    R/sir,most respect fully.I write to in form you that since 2008 after married starting weak ness and head race with night I am very problem.please sir give me suggestion.

    • Ravi says:

      You see. I am 72 years old and my wife 67 years old. Even now we enjoy ggod sex. Every 2 days once. Have good food, don’t take much tension. Then you see at night how strong your cock will be.

  5. jp.sahu says:

    dear of my labor having white patch near back side of shoulder please advise treatment solution with medicine.

    thanks with regards.

  6. dilip reddy says:

    dear sir

    i not comfortably for sex last couple of month pls give good suggest what shall do?

  7. kumar.. says:

    sir,,,, my brother of 20 years…. saw,,,, some white materials around the my male reproductive system inside the fore skin,,,, what does it mean,, plz tell me the.. cause.. and precautions.. fr this,,,,,, and……… one more thing that. he…….. can’t able to draw. out his semen.. and also can’t be excited while seeing the porn moviees fr his erection…what to do sir,,,

    • admin says:

      Thanks for contacting us, but we strongly suggest not to take any medicine without visiting a doctor. Even Ayurvedic medicines varies depending on body type. Do not forget to visit a doctor as self medication is dangerous. All the information provided here should be treated as reference and not as final prescription.You can even contact a doctor here for initial consultation which is free.

  8. sanjaysahoo says:

    My body is health

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