Ayurvedic treatment for Cirrhosis of the liverThere are many people who don’t know the vitality of liver and the role it plays in the functioning of the body. If you are also one of these people then you must know that liver is one of the most vital organs of the body. It is the detoxifier of the body as it helps to eliminate all the toxins from the body. Thus, any damage to this organ can lead to death. The most common disease of liver is the cirrhosis of liver wherein there is deterioration of the liver due to chronic injury. In this disease, there is a blockage of blood through the liver and unhealthy or scar tissues replace the normal tissues of the liver.

Faulty diet and excessive consumption of alcohol are the major causes of liver cirrhosis. Thus, a person consuming excess of alcohol stands higher chances of developing this condition. However, there is in fact no need to worry about liver cirrhosis as there are many ayurvedic medicines that help to get rid of this condition in an effective manner.

Ayurvedic Treatment for cirrhosis of liver

As the saying goes, that prevention is the best cure, this applies to this condition as well and hence a person needs to curb the intake of alcohol to prevent the disease in first place. One of the most effective treatments for Liver Cirrhosis is the juice of the leaves of Bhringaraja or Eclipta Alba. This is mainly because; Eclipta Alba is known as an hepato protective and hence helps to get rid of not only Liver Cirrhosis but also other disorders of the liver. It not only helps in eliminating the Liver Cirrhosis but also contributes towards enhanced digestive system and improves the appetite of the person. However, it is bitter in taste and hence needs to be consumed along with honey especially if the patient is a child. Another Ayurvedic treatment for the sake of treating liver cirrhosis is Katuki . Katuki is herb obtained in the Himalayas in the Indian sub-continent. It consists of the dried rhizome and its root Picrorhiza kurroa or Royle ex Benth.  Rhizome is cut into small pieces and the person is asked to consume in the form of tablet.

The person suffering from liver cirrhosis should stay away from food that cannot be easily digested. The person should also stay away from foods such as curd, ghee and oil. Vegetables such as bitter gourd are effective in treating liver cirrhosis. In some cases, fasting for some days can also help in bringing the functions of liver on track. A person suffering from liver cirrhosis should also not sleep during the day time and should avoid travelling on bumpy roads as much as possible and should also refrain from indulging into any strenuous exercises and take rest.

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  1. umesh says:

    My friend is suffering from chronic liver cirhosis. Main cause as identified by doctors is alcoholism. Now his stomach is swallon heavily. He finds it very difficult.Very frequently liquid is removed from his stomach but problem reappears after few days.Please suggest what best treatment can be suggested. He si 50 years male,non diabitic Patient.

  2. Support says:

    Hi Umesh,

    It is really difficult to tell about some kind of medication or prescribe some treatment methodology without physically examining any patient, as body types differ from person to person. We will advise you to visit an ayurvedic doctor near you, who can guide you on the treatment.


  3. Rupali says:

    20 years back my father got treatment against Liver Cirrhosis, though he is non alcoholic. He had lots of blood omitting,but luckily received required treatment(endoscopy) immediately. He followed all the prescribed medicines strictly and was perfectly alright for past 20 years. But 2 months ago, suddenly his stomach started paining and is swollen. Doctors have removed the water and prescribed medicines again, but he is terribly weak now and twice we marked swollen abdomen also which was disappeared automatically.
    Please advice what can be the home remedies we can follow to minimize or to cure the problem. Can liver cirrhosis in such cases completely be cured with Ayurveda?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Bhaswati Bhadra says:

      Hi Rupali,

      This is Bhaswati here. Actually my mother had been diagnosed with Cirrhosis last year. Its really very shocking. She never had any complications, only mild indigestion sometimes. So we had actually consulted a doctor. They had suggested endoscopy. There they have detected esophageal varices. Upon further investigation, they said its Cirrhosis. Could you plz tell me what are the exact medicines that ur father had been taking since past 20 yrs? Why I am asking is 4 my mom most of the medicines include multi vitamins, protein powder.. So i just want to know what are the medicines suggested by your doctor? Kindly reply to my mail.. I would remain ever grateful to you..


    • Satish A. Rathod says:

      Hello RupaliJi !

      My name is Satish myself is an patient ! i never drink alcohol, no jaundice, no hepatitise B nor sugar, no all report came normal in july i also vomitted 3/4 times a day then it is stopped but i done endoscopy & banding twice for controlling not happen in future. i done biopsy and found liver cirrhosis can you kindly tell me your dad taken which medicine for recover this disease, my age is 40 then i also ask to my doctors abt same medicine. I hope you can reply me on my mail Id satudhadkan@yahoo.co.in or satudhadkan@gmail.com

      Thanks awaiting your favourable reply.

    • Roopashri Nayak says:

      Dear Rupali,
      My husband has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of liver last year,he also has esophagel varies.Could you please give me the list of medicines your dad is

      I would also like to know if there is a cure for this disease in aryuved.I iwould really appreciate if any one could give some input on this.

      Thank you

    • Reena. Lokur says:

      Hello everyone….I wanted urgent help….My father who is 65 years old has been detected with liver cirrhosis (alcoholic) in August 2013….he was suffering from acities due to liver cirrhosis….and now last month we had done endoscopy and found that he has esophageal varices so as per the Dr. we have done banding in the month of Feb 2014.

      The Dr. has told that the patient suffering from liver cirrhosis has only 5 to 7 years of life….so I am very much tensed….As we dont have anyone elder except my father in my family and we just cant even think of losing him…. so Plz this is my request help me and my father by suggesting some good medicies…plzzzzzz

    • Shubham Jaiswal says:

      hii, Myself Shubham Laxminarayan Jaiswal..
      My mother is suffering from liver cirrhosis.doctors say about it to us now..I want to know about where does your father takes his treatment of liver cirrhosis..I kindly requested you to give information about his treatment.pls help us..we lives always thanxful to you.pls help us.

  4. Sandeep Kumar says:

    A patient(55/f) is chronic hepatitis having reports with HBSAG +ve,
    Hbc Igm-0.015(non reactive),
    Anti HBc total-0.059(reactive),
    Hepatitis E Virus-IgM- 0.017(Non reactive),
    HBV DNA quantitative PCR- 23(high) its normal range is < 3.8,
    she have bipedal eodema,swelling in abdomen,
    loss of apetite, poor sleep, and weakness.
    what is the best Ayurvedic treatment for him ?

  5. Pritam says:

    Dear Sir,

    My sisters Mother in law is a liver cirrohsis patient and is based out of Meerut & Gurgaon. she is facing this problem for sometime now. Would appreciate, if you could give me some leads of a good medical practiioner who can show us way and help aunty recover from the problem. you could reach me on dsouzap@rediffmail.com or call on 9819304390. Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Pritam D’Souza

  6. yashi says:

    are you 100% sure that cirrhosis can be cured with you medicines ??

    • admin says:

      Hi Yashi,

      Definitely, any diseases can be treated with medicines. But remember diagnosis of disease and ensuring the body type can do magic in treating any disease. Ayurveda prescribes different medicines for different body type. All medicines on AyurvedDoctor.com are for reference purpose only and should not be taken with out prescription from a qualified doctor. We will suggest you to visit a near by reputed well experienced(and qualified) doctor and get patient’s body(dosha) checked and get medicines prescribed.

      Wish the patient a quick recovery!

  7. abhijeet says:

    respected admin,
    my father is diagnosed with cirrhosis of liver and he is under going treatment with allopathy but the recovery is slow so i want to know that if i can have both the allopathy and ayurvedic treatment together.
    sir please advice me on this and anyhing of help.

  8. manish says:

    can u give me a good ayurvedic doc contact details who is in delhi , so i can meet him and ask for medication.

  9. dhyana says:

    hi doc,
    my husband having liver cirrohsis.i from malaysia. amost 1 year he having liver cirrohsis. can u help us,2 cure my husband sick. i really don’t know what 2 do.plz

  10. Satish A. Rathod says:

    Respected Drs,

    Sir i have an problem of liver cirrhosis my all reports came normal and in the liver biopsy test show liver cirrhosis in the july on the same day i vommitted 4 times then not till date under endoscopy dr. done banding too now i search an best dr. in mumbai plus medicines which helpfull me to comeout from this disease i write down the report came in biopsy i.e. linear cores 1 cm in length. 1)cirrhosis of liver.2) Nodules of hepatocytes seperated by broad bands of fibrosis.3) mild mononuclear cells in portal tract. pls guide. my cell no. +919820323115


    is there any cure for fatty liver and prothombin test result is 17
    SGOT 37 IU/L
    SGPT 45 IU/L
    this is for my mother aged 71 is this cure available in ayurveda
    sanjeeb kumar gupta

  12. Rakesh Bhavsar says:

    My father Mr. Narsinh Bhavsar (Age 62 running) has Liver Cirrhosis and was detected dated on 6th July 2013. Till now 3 times he got addmitted into the Hospital. Our treating doctors suggestes us Liver Transplant.
    Can anybody give me best pointer, doctors, ayurvedic/homeopathy treatement for this.

    I am also trying to visit Tibetian treatement which is very effective or cheaper.

    Please reply!!!

    +91 9890692846

  13. SHAILESH PATEL says:

    I suffered from mouth Ulcer since two years, I visit 3 to 4 doctors for the same. Lastly a doctor suggested to do for Endoscopy( GI Scopy) and sonography .In the sonography the Liver enlarged 151mm with coarse Echotexture and portal vain dilated up to 14mm, spleen is enlarged 119mm. Means . Cirrotic changes in Liver= Mild Hepatomegally with dilated portal vein , No Ascites seen in Abdoman and Pelvis.
    Platelets are 117000 to 120000 .
    S.G.P.T. is 28.97 U/l
    S.G.O.T. is 36.74 U/L.
    Direct Bilirubin is 0.31 mg%
    InDirect Bilirubin is 0.74 mg%
    Prothrombin time: 15.9 seconds
    INR 1.2137
    Serum Alkaline Phosphates:52.54 U/L.
    Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time: 35.5 seconds
    Mean value : 28 seconds.
    Mobile No.: 9601963632
    Ratio: 1.2679
    I am deabetic patient and taking Glimstar M1 1and half in morning and half in evening.
    In this stage Cirrosis can be recovered or not if yes then guide me what i have to do for this?
    Is there any Ayurvedic medicines in this stage?
    I am waiting your guide.
    Thanking you.
    Shailesh Patel

  14. Reena. Lokur says:

    Hello everyone….I wanted urgent help….My father who is 65 years old has been detected with liver cirrhosis (alcoholic) in August 2013….he was suffering from acities due to liver cirrhosis….and now last month we had done endoscopy and found that he has esophageal varices so as per the Dr. we have done banding in the month of Feb 2014.

    The Dr. has told that the patient suffering from liver cirrhosis has only 5 to 7 years of life….so I am very much tensed….As we dont have anyone elder except my father in my family and we just cant even think of losing him…. so Plz this is my request help me and my father by suggesting some good medicies…plzzzzzz

  15. hema says:

    my husband has liver cirrhosis. plz suggest me ayurveda treatment and save my husband plz. my mail id is ms.kitti78@rediffmail.com

  16. Ayurveda says:

    Fr all patients suffering from liver cirrhosis ,plz visit patanjali yogpeeth in haridwar.there is no cure in allopathy but Ayurveda can do wonders in liver disease.my father himself has benefitted a lot.

  17. Anuj says:

    Dear Sir
    we are looking for the natural treatment for “Liver Cirrhosis”. We have heard a lot about your treatment. So hope you will guide us with the best solutions. Pls us your mail Id we will forward the reports to you.

  18. srinivas d says:

    My father is facing problem cirrhosis of liver disease, Please send ur address & contact no

  19. Ayaz patel says:

    Mere Maami Ku liver of chirrosis problum hi n she is dibetice n kidney problem b hai. Assitice ho gaya hai. 30 days se admit has. But kuch jyada improve nahi how’s. So pls help me n guide ayurvedic treatment

  20. Nilesh Kasurde says:

    Respected Sir, My niece is of 7 month now. Now she is infected with liver failure due to jaundice as doctor says. and they tell us that to transplant the liver as early as possible. Is there ant solution in Ayurveda ???

    Plz Reply Me Sir ….

  21. satheesh kumar says:

    Hello doctor,
    Im satheesh and my father aged 55 yrs is suffering from chronic liver disease due to alcohol,he was admitted in hospital before 6 months due to asites in stomach and leg….last month he has blood vommiting and he was suggested to do an endoscopy and found he has oesopageal varices and he was banded and now to day he has blood vomitting again ……plzzz help me with any ayurveda treatment and pls message me the contact address to 07200631179

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