Name: Arjuna
Botanical name: Terminalia arjuna
Family: Combreteaceae
Sanskrit Synonyms: Arjuna, Viravriksha, Kukubha, Partha, Nadisarja

Plant Name in Different Languages:
English :Arjuna terminalia
Hindi :Kahu, Arjuna
Malyalam: Neermaruthu

Ayurvedic Properties:
Rasa : Tikta, Kashaya
Guna : Rooksha, Lakhu
Virya : Seeta

Plant Description:

Arjuna is a moderate sized deciduous tree which grows up to as high as 20 meters. The tree sheds it skin and its wood become wood once it finishes shedding. The leaves of Arjuna are subopposite oblong, are simple, coriaceous and crenulate. The flowers of Arjuna are seen in panicles of spikes and are white in color. Fruits of Arjuna have 5-7 wings and are ovoid of oblong. The flowering season of the Arjuna begins in the period from April to May.
Medicinal Properties:

Plant pacifies vitiated Pitta, Kapha, poison, wound, fever, skin diseases, and blends the fractured bones.
Useful parts of Arjuna: Bark.

Some indicative uses of Arjuna in Ayurveda:

1. With its light, astringent and dry qualities help to pacify Kapha whereas its cool properties help to vitiate pitta from the body.
2. Its astringent properties make it one of the best applications on wounds. It is also helpful in treating the bleeding arising out of diarrhea or bleeding piles.
3. Arjuna also helps to reduce the bilious infections. It serves as a tonic in treating liver cirrhosis.
4. It provides nutrition to heart muscles thereby strengthening. It corrects the disbursed heart rhythms and brings down the heart rate. This is effective in treating edema. Arjuna lowers the chances of formation of blood clots and reduces nervousness and stress. It averts the hardening of the blood vessels thereby preventing strokes and heart attack.
5. Arjuna can be effectively used as an adjuvant in treating tubercular cough. When used with rice water, sugar, and red sandalwood, Arjuna can help in treating hemoptysis. It helps to heal the ulcer and stop the blood emerging severe infection of lungs and bronchi.
6. Arjuna is also effective in treating urinary tract infections and in minimizing the burning micturition. It also has diuretic actions and is hence is useful in treating urinary bladder and renal stones.
7. Arjuna is known for its properties in treating skin disorders and is effective in the treatment of acne.
8. Arjuna also contributes towards sexual health. The decoction of the bark of Arjuna helps to relieve Spermatorrhea.
9. It is also effective in relieving excessive menstrual bleeding and leucorrhea.

Categories: Herbal Plants
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  1. k v nagaraj rao says:

    want to of benefit of Arjun in heart and valve problems

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    for eye diseases

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    Arjun vrukshya baddal savhistar mahiti dyavi
    Ayurveda madhe
    Yachi fule ;churn kon kontya ajarawar

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    I need it for high cholestrol

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    What is use of Arjun fruit

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    Bp ke lye ksa h ye

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