The human body has its own mechanism to control body temperature. But when this process falls short, an imbalance in the body appears in the form of sunstroke.

Sunstroke is known by many names as ‘thermic fever’, ‘heatstroke’ or ‘siriasis’. All the synonyms indicate one common thing, i.e. ‘Serious medical emergency.’ Basically heatstroke is characterized by fits and state of unconsciousness. Sometimes it is life-threatening also.


Sudden indications of having heatstroke are Dizziness, dry skin, high degree Fever (above Celsius), flawlessness, low sweating, headache, fast inhalation, vomiting, pain in muscles etc.

Common Causes

Generally people with following states are prone to it. These are -:

  • Excessive Alcohol consumption.
  • Heart disease.
  • High Sugar level (Diabetes).
  • Use of Drugs (for example Cocaine).
  • Skin problems.
  • Clothing so heavily.

home remedies for sunstroke

Home Remedies to Cure

Nature has unfolded many things in its lap. It is the ‘Best Cure’ for every disease or problem. Likewise, for sunstroke, it has many solutions or curing tools. They are-:

Paste of Onion-: Onion is the best weapon to fight against sunstroke. It has wonderful heat absorbing tendency. Make a thick paste of onion and apply on the patient’s forehead. You can also keep a white onion in your pouch while going out in the heat.

Dried Fenugreek leaves (Methi)-: Dried leaves of Fenugreek have the Magical touch to cure sunstroke. Take some leaves of fenugreek and soak them in water. After sometime, crush the leaves, add a little honey to the crush and filter. Give this blend to the patient once in every two hours. It will show a healing effect very soon.

Buttermilk-: Take two to three glasses of buttermilk to avoid sunstroke. It works effectively. Yoghurt along with water can also be taken as an alternative. It plays a vital role in keeping body temperature under control.

Unripe green Mangoes-: Green mangoes are best in treating sunstroke. Boil some mangoes and filter it. Then, add sugar, black salt, roasted cumin and pepper to it. Have a glass of this shake (Aampanna). It works soothingly.

Twist of Tamarind-: Crush some tamarind seeds with water and sieve the juice. Add sugar to the fusion. This drink, acts as a good guard against heat stroke.

Preventionary Guidelines

In sunstroke, as the temperature goes down, water from the whole body starts evaporating in form of sweat. Finally, the cells start drying up rapidly. It can be prevented by-:

Wood apple juice (Bilwa)-: The juice of Bilwa fibers and sugar in summer acts as a good heat absorbing agent. So, must have it in summer.

Plenty of Water-: Drink plenty of fresh water. It prevents the body from sudden dehydration and maintains body homeostasis.

home remedies for sunstroke

Sunstroke can be avoided by adding green vegetables and fresh juicy fruits in your diet, during summers. Eat mango, watermelon, orange, cucumber etc. Also follow some instructions as below.

  • Wearing light- colored clothes that reflect more heat.
  • Try to avoid outdoor activities during day time in hot summers.
  • Try to avoid coffee and alcohols.

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    Home remedies to prevent sunstroke

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