What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is the inability to sleep. Insomnia is nothing but a condition wherein an individual has difficultly in sleeping during night. Sleeplessness affects the daily chores of our lifestyle. In its severe form some of the people need to take sleeping pills to sleep at night.

Causes of Insomnia:

Stress, anxiety, tension, anger, constipation, anger, bitterness, overeating excessive consumption of tea and coffee, chain smoking are some of the common factors that cause sleeplessness or insomnia. If you are also facing difficulties in sleeping at night or are suffering from insomnia then don?t panic as you can easily get rid of insomnia with the several home remedies.

Home remedy for Insomnia:

  1. Sleeping at your fixed time and waking up at your regular time can help you to get rid of insomnia
  2. Drink a cup of milk with some honey. This is one of the best home remedies to treat insomnia
  3. Another best home remedy to treat insomnia is drinking milk extracted from poppy seeds. Drink this milk every day after having your dinner and you will be able to treat insomnia quite easily
  4. Hot formentations are also a proven home remedies for insomnia
  5. Eat three cups of curd everyday
  6. Consuming salad of raw onions can also effectively solve the problem of sleeplessness
  7. Take sesame oil and bottle gourd juice in equal quantities and massage this mixture on your scalp every night. You can also cook leaves of bottle gourd and eat them as vegetable to get rid of insomnia
  8. Drink fresh juice made up of valerian wallichi and drink it before going to bed
  9. Mash a ripe banana and mix roasted cumin seeds into it and have it before going to bed. This is one of the best home remedies to treat insomnia
  10. Add lettuce seeds in boiled water and drink it to treat sleeplessness
  11. Add more and more foods rich in Vitamins B in your diet. Eat foods such as pulses, wholegrain cereals and nuts as these are very effective in treating insomnia
  12. Take some chamomile flowers, valeria and hops and add it in a cup of boiling water and strain the mixture and drink it before sleeping. This is also one of the proven home remedies that go in treating insomnia.

These were some of the home remedies that effectively help to get rid of insomnia. So the next time you feel some difficulty in sleeping, just use these safe home remedies and get rid of sleeplessness.

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