As we grow old, our hair loses their sheen and start to fade. However, when it starts to happen much before in our life, it is known as premature graying of hair. It makes us look much older than our age which can sometimes be embarrassing. This mainly happens due to the deficiency of the production of oil glands by the scalp.

Causes of premature graying of hair.

There are many factors responsible for premature graying of hair. The diet of an individual is one of the most common factors responsible for the premature discoloration of the hair. Deficiency of copper, Vitamin B, iron and iodine in the body puts off the balance in the hair. Anxiety and over tension are also some of the common causes of premature graying of hair. If you have also grown old much ahead of your age, then there is no need to feel embarrassed as there are several home remedies that will make you young and look at your age.

Home remedies for premature graying of hair.

  1. Massage your scalps for at least two times a week with butter made from cow?s milk. This is an effective treatment that helps to cure premature graying of hair.
  2. Take some pieces of ribbed gourd, dry these pieces under the sun and then soak them in coconut oil and allow it to rest for the duration of three to four hours. Once done, boil this residue until it turns black. Massage your scalp with this black residue. This is also one of the best home remedies as it helps to retain the pigmentation of the hair.
  3. Indian gooseberry is considered to be the most effective home remedy that prevents premature graying of hair. It also enriches hair growth and brings back the normal color of your hair. Make powder of the gooseberry and then boil it in coconut oil and then apply it on your hair and enjoy the results.
  4. Use curry leaves. This is because these leaves are very effective in preventing the premature graying of hair as well as they also strengthen the hair roots. You can either consume these leaves or can put them in coconut oil and then boil and apply them on the scalp. This is one of the best home remedies that helps prevent premature graying of hair.

So use these home remedies and get the look of your age. All these sugestions are proven home remedies that help prevent premature graying of hair. Don?t forget to increase the intake of copper, Vitamin B, iron and iodine in your diet to stay away from gray hair at an early age.

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