What is Toothache?

Toothache is common, and almost every individual gets affected by it at some point of their lives. It happens without any warning. If not taken proper care, toothache can give you sleepless nights.

Causes of Toothache:

Tooth decay is the most common cause of toothache. Apart from this, consumption of soft drinks, candy, pastries and refined carbohydrates also lead to toothache. This is because these foods contain sugar and the bacteria present in our mouth break down the sugar into acids which in turn combine with calcium present in the enamel and hence cause tooth erosion or decay. However, several home remedies help to treat tooth decay.home remedy Tooth ache

Home remedies for toothache:

  1. A piece of garlic with rock salt sprinkled over it when placed on the affected tooth is one of the best home remedies which help to cure toothache. It relieves pain as well as cures it.
  2. Chewing cloves early in the morning is also one of the most efficient home remedies that help cure toothache. The main essence behind chewing clove is it not only cures toothache but also make the teeth strong and healthy
  3. Place a small piece of onion on the affected tooth. This will help cure toothache. Onion possesses excellent anti-bacterial properties and hence helps kill the germs present in the mouth. This is also one of the best home remedies which you can use whenever you suffer from toothache.
  4. Gargling with salt water is also one of the effective home remedies which help to cure toothache. It cures the infection and hence cures toothache. However, while gargling, see to it that you rinse your mouth thoroughly with the saltwater.
  5. Make a paste of bayberry, mix it with vinegar and then apply this paste on the affected tooth. This will relieve the pain caused due to toothache.
  6. Extract some juice from the wheat grass and gargle. This not only cures tooth decay but also eliminates the toxic substance from the gums and regulates the growth of bacteria in the mouth
  7. Place some ice cubes on the area of the bad tooth. It will ease the pain caused due to the bad tooth.

So the next time you get toothache, don’t worry, just use these proven home remedies and then see how they help in reducing the toothache.

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