Its Morning, time to do Exercise and Yoga

When to exercise? Morning or evening? This is a common question of all health conscious people. But it is found that there are many benefits of doing exercise in the morning than doing in the evening or any other time.

Many argue that if you do work out in the morning, you will feel tired and might affect daily work/routine. This is true for first few days. Once you start to continue to exercise in the morning, all such problems go in vein.Regular exercise in the morning will also help to eradicate morning blue problem and keep you fresh all day long.

Other than above reason, there are several other which favor exercise in the morning are discussed below.

As you complete your exercise in the morning, you have one important work less in your daily routine for the rest of the day. So you can spend more time with your job or family. You can enjoy a social evening with your family.

It is scientifically proved that, working out in the morning helps in boosting metabolism and gives additional energy.(Remember this benefit can be realized only if you do it regularly for a longer period)

Science says that morning sun ray can generate Vitamin D in the body. So if you can do your regular exercise under the mild sun ray of early morning, it will be of great help in generating vitamin D in your body naturally. Vitamin D is known for its usefulness in healthy bones.

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