Often we have heard that dengue is a very dangerous disease but what makes dengue dangerous is the reduction in platelet counts.

What are Platelets ?
Platelets, or “thrombocytes” as they say in doctor’s language , are small, irregularly shaped cell fragments. The average lifespan of a platelet is normally just 4 to 9 days. They are the blood component who are responsible for clotting of blood in case of a cut or wound in a mammal.

How Platelets work?

They are a component of blood and are present all over the body with blood. When they find any damaged blood vessels, they bind together to restrict the blood from flowing out of the body.

The normal or healthy range of platelet count is 150,000 – 450,000 platelets per micro liter of blood.

Any kind of increase or decrease in platelets can be very dangerous for a human body. We will have a look of what are the impact of platelets increased and decreased count on human body.


Impact of Platelets disorder:-

If the platelets count is very low in such cases excessive bleeding may occur. Also in some cases the number of platelets can be very high in such cases the chances of blood clots will be very high as that is the main functionality of platelets, which may cause restriction in blood vessels and result in dangerous issues as a heart attack, increase in blood pressure, brain hemorrhage or the blockage of blood vessels to other parts of the body, such as the extremities of the arms or legs. The name give to the disease of the platelets is called a thrombocytopathy, which could be either a low number of platelets (thrombocytopenia) or it can be a decrease in function of platelets (thrombasthenia).
Even an increase in the number of platelets (thrombocytosis) is not considered normal.

Following are the major reasons for low platelet counts disorder –

1. Improper production or less production from bone marrow. Usually the other blood cells like RBC’s or WBC’s will also be low in such cases. Bone marrow depression is caused by a variety of reasons like drugs, drug reactions, alcohol, cancers etc.
2. In some cases the body’s destruction rate for platelets is more than the rate at which the platelets are  produced in the bone marrow.
3. Spleen Problems can also be the reason for low platelets.
4. Dengue and different types of cancers can also be the reasons for low platelet count.


There are other type of disorders that reduce the number of platelets, such as heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) which is caused by formation of abnormal antibodies that activate platelets or thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) that typically cause thromboses, or clots, instead of bleeding.
What is ITP ?

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura  is the problem of having a very low platelet count  with out any known reason . Most cases of ITP are related to the production of antibodies which destroy or are against platelets. A very low platelet count can lead to visible symptoms, such as purpura (large bruises), or more seriously, bleeding diathesis.
How to increase low platelet counts in an Ayurvedic way?

The ayurvedic way of treatment of low platelet count consists of using some natural remedies, ayurvedic medicines helpful to increase low platelet count. The remedies are particularly effective in treatment of Idiopathic Thromobocytopenia purpura – ITP i.e. Low platelet count due to reasons mostly unknown and also for cases like Dengue.


The Ayurvedic treatment used to increase platelet count consists of the following –

Aloe vera and Amla juice – 20 ml twice daily ( empty stomach)- morning and evening , with equal proportion of water.
Wheat Grass Juice – 30 ml – once daily in the morning

Papaya leaf juice- This is the most commonly used solution for treatment of a patient for low platelets count. A  juice has to be made with the combination of papaya leaves with Giloy leaves, with more amount of raw and fresh papaya leaves and   the quantity of the juice should be around half a cup , this will help in increasing the count platelets and will stabilize the condition to a great extent. This is an effective and low cost herbal solution for patients suffering from low platelet counts. The effects will be visible in 2 to 3 days.

1. Juice of leaves of Papaya – 2 tablespoonfuls twice daily ( Give leaf juice and not fruit juice)
2. Juice of Beetroot (Chukandar in Hindi) – 1 tablespoonful thrice daily

Always consult the doctor if the platelets are going down in a great amount.

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    Dear sir ,
    i am taking alchohal last 3 yrs. my platelate count is 80 – 90 thousand since one year . but i have no any problem physicaly or mently ,
    during this period i have no any deases. I am totaly fit .
    Please suggest me ayurvedic Or home made treatment for thrombocytopenia.

  2. Khalid Hamza says:

    I have low platelet count for the last 12 years. One month back, I tried papaya leaf juice for one month but there was no improvement at all. I used to drink concentrated juice from one papaya leaf every day empty stomach in the morning, but there was no effect.

  3. Paramjeet Singh says:

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I have very low platelets count for at least 10 months back. Some time on my body blue spot are there. I don’t have any physical or mental problem. Some time I have pain in back of knees. My platelet counts range between 30,000 to 40000. Pls. Suggest me some medicine . With which my platelet count can increased.

  4. kumar says:

    Dear Paramjeeth,

    Along with above said herns, you just need to take 5 tabs of Platelet counts which is available with us. Its very effective so tha you can see the results just after 7 days of medication. Further details you can contact me at sumanth2810@gmail.com

    • arun ahluwalia says:

      Dear Mr Kumar,

      I have just read your suggestion to Paramjeeth to take 5tabs of platelet counts. Pls tell me more about this as i am suffering from low platelet count.

      Pls advice where to contact for availability and its effects and side effects if any.

  5. A jay Sharma says:

    R/p sir meri beti jo 9 years old ha isko dengue ho gaya ha platelets increase karne Kia medicine kon si ha aub platelets 140000 ha

  6. Bharti says:

    I have very low platelet count for at least last 4 years, I have no any problem of mentally and phisically. during this period i have no any deases. I am totaly fit .
    Please suggest me ayurvedic Or home made treatment for thrombocytopen

  7. arun ahluwalia says:

    Dear Bharti,
    I have the same problem as yours for the last 4/5 years. Let us contact each other to exchange notes as to how to come out of this desease.My no is 09971940039 and i am in Delhi.Pls forward me your contact details so that i can speak to you.My mail id is ahluwalia.arun@gmail.com

  8. Neha kumari 12years says:

    my name is neha my paletlet con 10000to 30000 mai bahut paresan hun

  9. jaspreet singh says:

    Dear sir,
    My son 15yers old is dey platelets infection kar key ghat gey ney 100000 ney pl kui medicane suggest karu os nu fevar v hunda aa oh vecness mehsues karda ji

  10. rAJESH aGRAWAL says:

    my son 12 years old suffering from ITP since last 2 years his platelet count 10000 please suggest me any ayurvedic treatment.
    My cell number 9893141941

  11. Deepak Pandav says:

    My wife has a problem of low platlate 40000 to 45000
    What problem aocur in pregnency
    Please reply me

  12. Vishal sheshrao bhaware says:

    Hii sir/madem,
    My name is vishal bhaware my father is 56 years old suffering from thrambocytopenic itp the platelets are very fastly distroy in the body and feeling very week.
    I tried papaya leaf juice, giloy, pomegrantate, aloe vera but there is no effect so any ayurvedic treatment can help this type of disese plese suggest….. Plese help me sir/ madem

  13. Sree says:

    I am having platelets 179000 …but ystrdy it was 186000 …why platelets are decreasing ….plz reply me asap

  14. Neerla Srujana says:

    Dear Sir,

    My age 17 years i am suffering from thrombocytopenia low platelet count 50,000 only and monthly period time heavy bleeding and some tablets are taken stop the bleeding. medical doctors are surgery suggest are now without surgery any ayurvedic treatment can help this type of disese plese suggest….. Plese help me sir/ madem.

  15. S.Meera mydeen says:

    My 7yrs baby M.Aashika Fathima,affected in the problem ITP for last two years. She having the platelet counts only 20,000 to 40,000.While take the steroid increase the platelet counts but decrease continiously.
    Last 6 months she havenot taking any medicine.She acts normal.Please give the ideas to increase the platelets and what treatment available in ayurvedha.

  16. neha dakhera says:

    Hi,I’m the patient of RCMD.now my platelets is 10,000_20,000 and blood is 6 since 2014. Dr. Suggest me to bone marrow transplant.if you have any medicine to increase my platelet count

  17. Radhika sonar says:

    My brother is an renal transplant patient…….. Suffering from thrombocytopenia….. We have given costly medicine but its not working properly…. We urgently need to raise his counts for further treatment but unsuccesful please suggest some medicine….

  18. Dimitris Ravikalis says:

    Hello there…is there a cure for high platelet count?

    I use to have 2.000.000 count but now i take hydroxyuria and i took it down to 600.000
    Is there a medicine that can cure this and take my platelet down to normal?

  19. Ankit says:

    My son is 3.5 years old he is suffering from itp

  20. suhas says:

    i have 26000 platlat how i grow it pl. suggesst aayurved

  21. Abdul says:

    Hi my son 13 years ild suffering itp, presently his platelets count 25000 , when using steroid tab it is increasing. So pkease advise me any ayurvedic remedies which is not harmfull

  22. Laurence says:

    Dear sir my uncle is suffering from low platelet count around 8000-15000 and HB is also low . please sujest any aurevedic medicine for his treatment.Dr sujested 4r bone marrow transplant please kindly reply 4r did mail

  23. Khushal says:

    I have 30000 to40000 platlet.How I grow it.plz suggest ayurved.

  24. sukhdev yadav says:

    I am 46 year old I have suffering from thrombocytopenia Dr. are not certain what courses of thrombocytopenia they are say low platelets are not any problems till bleeding is start but I am feeling severe weakness and tiredness please suggests me what I do

  25. Sudesh says:

    My daughter age is 15 Month only. we were noticing bruises from last 1 month but we ignored. On 4th March rashes appeared on face and we have consulted doctor. Her Platelet count was 5K only. She has been given IVIG dose and we got discharge when count has increased by 31K. After 10 days there was a fall in platelet to 15 K. Please suggest what can be done.

  26. Sneha says:

    I am a 2 months pregnant ,my platelet count is less than 19 thousands heamatologist suggest me to take steroid and it affects baby i don’t want to take steroid.if I go ayurvedic treatment plz suggest me.

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