Rheumatic fever and commonly known as Amavata Jwara in Ayurveda is a kind of fever where patients get fever along with swelling and joint pain.

Symptoms: Rheumatic Fever usually comes along with cold and pain in the primary joints like back and knee, elbow, etc. With the rise in temperature, the patient gets pain in joints along with muscles. Loss of appetite, laziness, and loss of taste are few more symptoms in Rheumatic Fever.

Ayurvedic Treatment: As per Ayurveda Rheumatic Fever attack a person because of the imbalance in digestive power in the body. Therefore, Ayurveda suggests toning up digestive system can treat Rheumatic Fever. Usually, Arogyavardhini tablets are prescribed by Ayurvedic Doctors. It can be taken thrice daily along with hot water and honey. Along with this one ounce of Maharasanadi Quatha and 1gm of Yogaraja Churna are also recommended to take thrice a day along with hot water and honey.

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  1. rohan says:

    my elder bro is suffering from rheumatic heart disease, so plz refer me some treatment or any treatment center near by navi mumbai ,india

  2. susheel says:

    sir, I am suffering from rheumatic fever so please let me know the medicines to cure by ayurvedic method.make me know their dosages,timings,diet and habits should avoid.thanking you sir

    • admin says:

      Thanks for contacting us, but we strongly suggest not to take any medicine without visiting a doctor. Even Ayurvedic medicines varies depending on body type. Do not forget to visit a doctor as self medication is dangerous.

  3. Akshay Raj says:

    A.S.O.Titre Positive And C.R.P. Positive. Please Help Me.

  4. ambily says:

    ASO 800 and above have any problem..its can be cure by ayurveda?

  5. manak jain says:

    Rheumatic fever ayurved treatment want

  6. Mukesh says:

    ASO positive. Vit d3 low

  7. ramji yadav says:

    Aso titer positive please help me

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