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Do you know why Allopathy is so popular and highly used?

This is because, there is nothing like hiding the fact. And the approach is purely scientific. But in case of Ayurveda We have seen a mean approach by many practitioners. We don’t want to hurt anyone, but unless we open it up and spread the benefits along with the so called secrets of it publicly, we can’t achieve the genuine target of making it a competent medication system in the world (remember we are not talking about India alone, We don’t think if even 1% people outside India know about Ayurveda, only they know about an Alternative medicine system which is not Ayurveda).

We can’t keep Ayurveda just a family drug system. Rather we want this to be a medication system which is equally competent rather better than any other medical system. Then only, all the dreams of Ayurveda therapies system will come true.

That’s the reason this beginning.

We are a group of IT professionals and this is a nonprofit organization in building. We will work to rejuvenate Ayurveda.

We just need your moral support for this. Please remember that we donot accept(need) any kind of financial support.We have everything else except your moral support to reach our goal.All the services provided in this website will be free from any kind of financial charges for life to its members/viewers.

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