Home Remedy

Home remedies are basically made at home from various natural ingredients and are inexpensive. In the initial stages of any disease home remedies are found to be very effective without any side-effects.

As home remedies are natural and extracted from green world, most of the time it is harmless. Still it is advised to take advice from a trained practitioner of Ayurveda to get best from it and avoid any kind of side effects. We have compiled a list of home remedies for below diseases.

Acidity Acne
Allergies Amnesia
Anemia Arthritis
Asthma Backache
Bad Breath Blemishes
Body odor Burns
Cataract Chicken Pox
Cholera Common Fever
Constipation Cough
Cracked Heels Dandruff
Dark Circles Depression
Diabetes Diarrhea
Dry Lips Ear Infection
Eczema Gastritis
Headache Heartburn
High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol
Indigestion Insomnia
Jaundice Kidney Stones
Mouth Ulcers Nausea
Obesity Osteoporosis
Overweight Peptic Ulcer
Piles Pimples
Premature Graying of Hairs Skin Allergies
Tinnitus Toothache
Vomiting Wrinkles