Sleeping trouble? Ayurveda can help

Good sleep plays a vital role in the maintenance of proper health in the human body. It allows a person to have stability and balance of emotions. Just like a nutritious diet is needed for the energy, sleep is a must for the mind to work. Sleep is an important

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Ayurveda for Sharp Memory and Concentration

Mental well-being is essential for the body to function properly, reduce stress and increase output. As the world is progressing, the diseases and chances of facing mental disruptions such as lack in concentration are also increasing. Not all of the mental problems can be healed through modern day scientific concepts.

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Ayurveda for Glowing Skin

Ayurvedic treatments make use of herbs and other natural ingredients. This is why Ayurvedic remedies are free of any side effects and chemicals. The use of natural substances allows your skin to look more glowing, spotless, and glowing. Why Should You Depend On Ayurveda?  Ayurveda is not a new name

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Treating Stammering through Natural ways

Stammering affects individuals’ right from their childhood. While some people are successful in gaining a normal speaking fluency in the later years of life, others need to opt for guidance through some specialist to recover from stammering. A person suffering from the problem of stammering is easily identifiable in a

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Treatment for Weak Eyesight in Ayurveda Way

Our eyes are like camera and need to be taken care of. Just as the camera without proper care does not deliver the best performance, same is applicable to an eye. However, there is a replacement for camera but not for eyes. Our eyes focus light from an external source

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All that you need to know about black Cardamom

All that you need to know about black cardamom Black cardamom is termed as greater cardamom and in Sanskrit it is termed as Brihad ela. Its Botanical name is Amomum subulatum which is an herb mentioned in Ayurveda. It is very useful to treat any kind of pain, increase appetite,

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