Ayurvedic treatment for SchizophreniaIn Ayurveda Schizophrenia is known as Unmada. This is a chronic mental disorder characterized by hallucination and delusion. Psychic stress and strain are primarily responsible for this disease which is again aggravated by irregular food intake and constipation. In this disease the patients usually unable to sleep, talks and acts incoherently and often becomes violent.

Ayurvedic Treatment:

Jatamansi, vacha, and sarpagandha in powder form are given to the patient in the dose of one teaspoonful three times a day with milk or cold water. This helps in bringing the tranquility of mind.

Vatakulantaka Rasa is one Ayurvedic Medicine usually prescribed by Ayurvedic Doctors to treat schizophrenia. One tablet can be given to the patient with honey three times a day.

Dhara treatment one of the best treatment that can be given to schizophrenia patient. In this Kshirabala Taila is kept in an adjusted vessel over the forehead of the patient in such a way that drops of medicated oil fall from the bottom of the vessel on to the place between the two eyebrows of the patient. This is advised to be done once daily. This helps patient sleep well and get rid of this disease slowly.


All kind of fried foods are prohibited. Pungent and hard to digest food are the enemy in this condition. Milk, ghee, butter etc should be given in sufficiently.

As this is a mental disease it is advisable to the patient to do prayer and attend religious rites. this will help in calming down the mind. Meditation is one of the best natural therapy to get rid of this disease quickly.

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  1. nazeer says:

    mental problems mainly related to genitcs. No medicine help relieve mental disease permanently. Some herb may help temporiry relief. Allopothy medicine may lead mental disease to dangerous level. Nazeer pengattiri. India researcher

    • Anu says:

      Hi!! My sister is suffering from schizophrenia since last 10 years. Consulted with lots of doctor but nothing is helping. Do you have any solution for it plz let me know. Me and my family is really in need of some solution.

      • Kinnery Sampat says:

        I was a patient of schizophrenia since 12yrs. Consulted allopathic doctor in Delhi Dr.R.K.Shrivastav in Max Balaji Hospital Patpadganj area. I was cured in a month after taking medicines which he pricribed me. Now since 3 yrs I am alright and continuing medicines. Though there r side effects of allopathic medicine lke increasing body weight and cholesterol.

        • Chandramohan says:

          Please provide me the complete address. Could you please tell me what medicine he prescribed you?

        • Chaula says:

          Which medicine helped u?

          • Prashant Gupta says:

            I have been suffering from Schizophrenia for last 5 years. I consulted an allopathic doctor and he consulted following medicines.

            Risnia Plus (twice a day after meals)
            Sulpitac OD 10 mg (twice a day after meals)
            Lozapine (twice a day after meals).

            After taking the medicines for last 2 years, I got cured but if I stop to take the medicine, I again get the symptoms.

            So, in allopathic medicine, the patient need to continue taking the medication for a very very long time.

        • suresh says:

          Will you please send me the name of medicine? I will be very thankful to you to send ne as early as possible.
          thank you.


        • MRS. S. C. says:

          orthomolecular medicine helps . there’s a Dr. in jaipur. Dr. rathod Singh 09828199856

        • k.naryana says:

          Sir.I have seen message in internet.My son is suffering from schizophenia since 16 year I want to talk with you sir your telephone number for details .k.naryana
          Phone 9959212415

        • taranjeet singh says:

          Dr. RK Shrivastva 9818294190

        • raja says:

          Sir my brother got affected with schizophrenia since 10 years and he continues with allopathic medicines but no effect. Sir could you pls refer the above said medicine that you cured the patient.Thanks & regards Raja7601854211

        • Raghu says:

          Pls inform full details.

        • Laxmi says:

          Hello my son is 32 years he is suffering from hearing voice 10 years he took lots of medicine he is not getting well is there any ayurved medicine please help me thanks

        • Nagendra says:

          I have schizophrenia from 15 years.

      • Chaula says:

        Orthomolecular medicine might help.vitamin therapy with help of orthomolecular psychiatrist would be helpful.
        Good luck with prayers

      • nazeer says:

        sorry, no medicine yet available. if You treat with allopathy it will damage your sister stomach also. Give her more happiness and fresh fruit and vegetable without any nicotin and tea. And also extract of leaf may calm little.

      • admin says:

        Please consult a doctor in ayurveddoctor.com directly by sending messages through the form provided. Try to send messages to multiple doctors to get quicker help. You can select a doctor here http://www.ayurveddoctor.com/search-ayurvedic-doctors-near-you

      • antony says:


        • antony says:


      • Gaurav says:

        Hi, my mother is suffering from the same problem schizophrenia from last 04 years ,it takes long time to get the right diagnosis. Now she is under treatment and very much better.

      • tara says:

        I have come to learn that most mental illness and disease are caused by having an overload of parasites living in the body. I would strongly suggest a strong and long parasite cleanse and body cleanse. The easiest yet most challenging way to deal with parasites are long term fasting. they will die before we do, but it takes prayer and a strong will not to retox the body. blessings on your journey

      • Neelaj says:


        There is only 1 solution. Never go even near allopathy. First assess whether they really have Schizophrenia….as it could be simple depression due to which they are talking to themselves continuously…..An even for depression, don’t give allopathy medicines….Talk to them & understand what the problem is :

        For some people, it could be related to studies & pressure from the studies….
        For some, there could be someone who has harrassed them & esp. thi is for women…
        For some it is broken relationships…
        For some, it is other pressurizing situations…

        After talking, ask them how that can be solved…& if they say that a particular solution for their own problem….do it & relieve them…..They will get rid of their deppression as that situtaion and problem is no more there & hence they stop talking….they become normal again…..

        They are best to suggest solutions for their problems but sometimes in depression they will think that there is no solution….but you can think of the problem & try to find a solution….For eg.: If a class12 student gets low marks in Board exams & their dreams of joining a professional course crashes, they will think that that is the end of their life & they will become depressed….Sometimes they start talking to themselves….but U can tell them about giving the same exam for the 2nd time or show successful people who have done non-professional courses & yet they have achieved the same goal….U can go to the extent of making them speak with successful people & they are bound to come out of their depression & they will become normal again…In today’s world, many normal people encounter abnormal circumstances with tremendous pressure from this fast world….so they become upset & depressed & show these symptoms….what is schizophrenia …..after a mental state which is acquired by some depressing sitution & reason & due to the etensive crying & due to their heart rate becoming higher which is inturn caused by low blood pressure start skipping meals & hence in tears & lack of proper food, their body becomes deficient in micronutrients….& if we correct the situtation which caused that depression in the first place & also give them plant-based foods & nutrient supplements, thir body automatically becomes alright….They will start eating normally once when the cause of depression is removed. Western Medicine invented this term called “schizophrenia” for which the main symptom is talking to oneself & hearing voices. If U see olden day films, they will show one more image of the heroine or hero talking to themself in the mirror etc…SO for every person that kind of thinking & talking is happening always with our alter-ego all the time…In a Schizophrenic patient that talking with their own mind becomes louder as they are so much deep into their problem that all their focus is on that…SO BEST SOLUTION IS TO REMOVE THE CAUSE OF THEIR DEPRESSION & give them nutrient – rich food so that their body starts making the serotonin & dopamine in the right balance again…NEVER GO FOR ALLOPATHY AS THESE ARE DANGEROUS & POISONOUS CHEMICALS which destroys their body & their symptoms will get more severe…& their disease will never be cured….I was myself wrongly misdiagnosed as Schizophrenia for a simple depression & was on these dangerous chemicals for nearly 3 years….My health got totally damaged & even today 3 years fter stopping the medicines even, I am still not able to get rid of the side-effect damage that these poisons have done to my body. I am myself a biologist so I very well know about the nature of these chemical compounds. In worst & severe cases, go for alternative trteatments…& yoga….I took ashawagandha, brahmi, vallarai (this is also the same as brahmi) & I removed the cause of my depression that was related to my profession. And I got over the problem…Due to brahmi, my memory is very good now & am happy to have discovered the cure in these plants…

        • Usha says:

          can I have your contact number pls I want to talk to you personally send your number in my mail

        • Seetha says:

          Hi, sir , I agree completely with your analysis, my son 25-year-old (explains me the same as you said,) unfortunately we took him to allopathy doctor and started medication for pschezophrenia, now he left the medicine. Sir, I need to have a talk with you, please give me your contact no

        • poorna says:

          My close relative is going through this and we are clueless how to proceed. We all be thankful if you send me your email (or) contact.

        • Ratna Kumar says:

          Thanks for your long mail but please let people know where to go…agreed that Allopathy doesnt have cure but what is the alternate?? Can you suggest any?

          People suffering are the close relations (kith & kin) more than the patients themselves coz the patients are in their own world, most of the time.

          Atleast few of the people suffering require direct care/consultation by an accomplished practitioner till they are stabilized before they can heed to any advise of medicines..

          It is heart wrenching to see so many people looking for some credible remedies outside of Allopathy. Please do suggest/recommend if you knew anyone…

          Thanks for your understanding…Sai bless

      • Nikki says:

        I want this reply

      • imran says:

        yoga therapy best

      • Sudhir says:

        My father is also suffering from this deases . But from last one year I am giving him ayurvedic treatment like panchkarma and other herbs . It is really helpful.

    • Sana says:

      My son is suffering from psychotic disorders resently please suggest some good remedy

      • chetan says:

        Don’t go in allopathy go in Ayurveda .I don’t know from where you are but visit kelela india for good natural treatment in allopathy there is relief but in Ayurveda there is complete cure

        • DR ASHOK SETH says:

          Give me best ayurveda clinic /ayurveda medical college address with phone number in kerala for complete cure for schizophrenia

    • Saumya says:

      Schizophrenia is also nothing but a nutritional deficiency just like all the other chronic ailments which plague us. Our body is a powerful machine and knows how to protect and take care of itself in the best possible manner. The reason ailments happen is because of generations of inadequate diets that might not be rich in certain vitamins and minerals which are essential to provide our cells the nutrition they require to stave off illnesses etc. There is obviously a genetic factor as well but there is nothing that a good diet can’t cure.

      There is a whole body of medicine called orthomolecular medicine which deals with nutrition in solving for ailments. The father of this sort of medicine is Linus Pauling who also happens to be two time Nobel Laureate. It is the big pharma companies which have kept this information from us for so long.

      All of you looking for help for Schizophrenia should read on the brilliant work done by Linus Pauling & Abram Hoffer and the cure they have found for it.

      They have successfully treated a lot of these patients with Vitamin B3 called Niacin in high doses of around 3000 mg.

      Hope this helps all of you. I urge you to research as well on this and find out about this yourself.

    • Imran says:

      My brother have a sechzophina give me best treatment

  2. Anil says:

    My daughter aged 31 is prescribed Tab.Risdon LS 1-0-1 now. Previously, she was advised to take Tab.Serinace 1.5 mg.1-0-1 and Tab.Pacitane 2 mg. 1-0-1. She is having Schizophrenia since last 10 years. Is medication is justified for so long period? Any alternative medicine exisi either in Ayurveda & Homeopathy for curing Schizophrenia?

  3. Anil says:

    My daughter aged 31 is prescribed Tab.Risdon LS 1-0-1 now. Previously, she was advised to take Tab.Serinace 1.5 mg.1-0-1 and Tab.Pacitane 2 mg. 1-0-1. She is having Schizophrenia since last 10 years. Is medication justified for so long period? Does any alternative medicine exist either in Ayurveda & Homeopathy for curing Schizophrenia?

  4. Chaula says:

    How to order aayurvedic medicine?

    • krishnakant M desai says:

      My son aged 14 years suffering from Schizophrenia since last 1 year. (Symptoms: Smiling & speak alone, No attention, Not interested in studies, watching TV. Do not mix up with friends & family members. Not interested in playing games. Says he see devil images, hear sound and cry. demands fast foods, cake, sughandi milk etc. ) Now taking alopathy treatment from a reputed doctor. Medicine preferred are 1. Riz plus 1-0 -1 & Zapiz-1 0-0-1/2 per day. He is gaining weight rapidly. gained 20 kg weight in one year. Kindly send me Ayurvedic Medicine by VPP.


    My mother has a severe Sizophrenia disease. give some consultation regarding ayurvedic medicine to recover the sizophrenia disease.my mobile no.09434677975

    • admin says:

      Please directly contact one of the doctors available in ayurveddoctor.com panel on the right side column. Try to send messages through the form provided to multiple doctors to get initial assessment quicker.

      • ritu says:

        My brother first started showing partial symptomsof schizophrenia when he was 28. The symptoms included sleeplessness,lack of concentrationand auditory hallucination.it was caused due to extreme anxiety since he was under immense mental pressure given to him by his phd guide.plus he went abroad to study.so it was also due to lonliness.e was under allopathy treatment.in the year 2012.2years after that he had no symptoms at all.so he stopped taking the drugs prescribed to him.after 2or3months some of the symptoms came back including auditory hallucination.in the year2015.now he is under low dose allopathy.now again the symptoms are gone.what to do?plse help

  6. antony says:

    My comments are to be deleted.Thanks.

  7. SK says:

    my wife is suffering from schizofrenia since last 09-10 yrs, for last few years she is given risidone lS and epitril MD , now as the medicine is stopped she once again is going through the same problem

  8. chalapathi R says:

    Sir iam suffring in 8 years schizophrenia using risperidone tablets 3mg 0-0-1 i serving in difence please advice me ayurvedic medicine tretment.

  9. PRABHAT KUMAR says:

    I AM prabhat kumar from varanasi. my UNCLE is suffering from SCHIZIPHERNIA since 13 years. I have tried to many top doctors in allopath and ayuveda but i haven’t got any response. If you can help me, please provide further information. i am very sorry….
    my contact no. is – 9044855678

  10. Murali gopal says:

    Take DHA 200 and ayurvedic herbs like Vallarai, Aswagandha, Jatamansi and Yashtimadhu . It is curing schizophrenia disease .

    • Chandra says:

      Hi Murali gopal . How do you know that schizophrenia disease will curing by taking the herbs like Vallarai Aswagandha, Jatamansi and Yashitimadhu . Are you a Doctor. or ayurvedic dr. I need more information please. chandra

  11. tarun says:

    only prayer to GOD can help.

  12. Rohit says:

    Hi, My sister is showing the symptoms of Schizophrenia. She is getting paranoid and violent behavior with family members. Please help with any useful suggestions.
    Many Thanks!!

  13. letuswin says:

    Schizophrenia is completely curable. One of my dear one was diagnosed with the disease. When I first heard the name I was shocked and asked the doctor what are the symptoms for which you say so. I said I brought her here because she is suffering from depression and is losing appetite and is not mixing with us and getting angry easily. The doctor said she must be using bad language,will have not eyes contact with others,will be destructive,will doubt others that they are harming them.I was shocked that these are found in every ‘normal’ persons I have met and some are also with me. Rather she never hurts anybody,is very sensitive and only is insecure as she feels that her siblings have progressed while she is left out in studies.She is only plus two passed while we have completed some more higher degrees. Over that she is a painter,does wonderful crafts,sewing,and sings,cooks the best of dishes which even we don’t know and mixes with all with whom she feels comfortable and loves her. She loves to travel and is punctual. I only asked will she be able to lead a married life after the treatment and the doctor said yes. I went for the treatment and now she is perfectly alright married and with a healthy child. I ask every relative of mine that she does not hurts anyone,covets no ones property, believes her siblings blindly and it is her trust on us that she sometimes abuses us knowing for sure/or just is indifferent that we love her more than letting any harm reach her just for a little stupid rough words of hers. If you have such a person in your house or in the vicinity just know that they are harmless than the ‘disguised normal’ human beings surrounding us with motive to hurt you in spite of your indifference or immense good deeds to them. The truth of this statement can be felt from the disturbed families we see around each trying to surpass the others at their cost.I don’t know what name to give to those who kill others,abusive/violent husbands/wives/brothers/sisters/human being who kills/humiliates/burns//covets others’ properties/do all dirty things and forces the helpless victims(girls and even children)………….It has become so common to hear about molestation and other cases in offices/institutions and everywhere. Is it not because someone is taking advantages of someone’s helplessness or someone subduing to someone’s ill motive for some more comfort which can easily be lived without. If it is not the case than why do they keep shut to such advances and why the whole institution don’t raise voice or slap such a evil motive person(need not be always with physically) verbally to clean such diseases.Is the whole institution enjoying the helplessness of the weak and encouraging the advances of such such demons.WHO WILL CURE SUCH MENTAL PATIENTS EVERYWHERE. Rather we need to check ourselves and cure our own ‘schizophrenic symptoms’ if any. GOD BLESSED THOSE BLESSED SOULS WHO POINTS US OUR FAULTS-IF ONLY WE DARE TO RECOGNIZE THEM IN US AND CORRECT.AMEN

    • Vaishali Shah says:

      hi there.. you have return very well.. i m suffering from syzophernia from last 8 yrs.. and dont know when it going to end.. yes i very much missed behaved,, done drama n all.. but yess by the sake of god they are with me and supported me ..

      • alpesh makwana says:

        request you to please provide me the details of doctor with contact no because my relative is suffering with schizophrenia

    • soumya says:

      request you to please provide me the details of doctor with contact no because my relative is suffering with schizophrenia

    • Jamie Cameron says:

      Very very well said… God Bless.. I need help for ocd/schizo

    • Seetha says:

      Very well said

  14. pankaj s.kaknale says:

    My son pankaj age 28 year suffering for schizophteniya since 10 year.six month alopathy medicinee not taking,now he is too much moody,aggreshive. Not givong respect tofather.mother.he is 24 hrs home only

  15. SUNIL says:


  16. pradeep k says:

    dear let-us-win,

    thanks for the long email. however following points need your validation:

    1. How long was your sister a schizophrenic ?
    2. Which doctor or medicine gave positive results.
    3. What was the duration of treatment in months & years ?
    4. Was counselling a part of the treatment ?
    5. Was the medicine ayurvedic or homeopathic or allopathic.

    your above validations would help a lot of patients, parents & relatives. I appreciate your view of so called non-schizophrenic persons doing harm to harmless persons. Infact schizophrenic persons ‘original ‘ behavior is very soft & loving.

    warm regds,


  17. pradeep k says:

    dear let-us-win,

    thanks for the long email. however following points need your validation:

    1. How long was your sister a schizophrenic ?
    2. Which doctor or medicine gave positive results.
    3. What was the duration of treatment in months & years ?
    4. Was counselling a part of the treatment ?
    5. Was the medicine ayurvedic or homeopathic or allopathic.

    your above validations would help a lot of patients, parents & relatives. I appreciate your view of so called non-schizophrenic persons doing harm to harmless persons. Infact schizophrenic persons ‘original ‘ behavior is very soft & loving.

    warm regds,

  18. Bhushan satam says:

    please delete my all data. please delete my all data . please delete my all data. to moderator of this site

  19. mk says:

    One of my male family members, aged 21 yrs suffers from schizophrenia, recently known. Pl help me to recover.
    1) What medicines
    2) Any side effects
    3) How to neutralize/reduce side effects
    4) How to handle the patient
    5) Is multi vit supplement required.
    6) What should be food habits.

    Pl inform urgently


  20. baljeet singh says:

    Dear all
    You can try ayurvedic medicine DEPWIN for Schizophrenia.my brother used that and is much better now then before

  21. sayak barori says:


    My wife is suffering from schizophrenia and I wish to have her treated through alternate medicines ( ayurvedic & unani) so that no side effect are caused. I live in jaipur. Require a early response from your end.

  22. Thomas says:

    My wilfe is also suffering from the same disease (schizophrena). She began to show symptoms of the disease at around 38 years of age. She was previously working but has stopped working eversince diagnosed with the disease and she is reluctant to take allopathic medicines and never takes it. I am also interested in ayurvedic or alternate medicines that can cure her. Please do reply back at the earliest.

  23. Pranav says:

    hi my sister is suffering from schizophrenia since 13 years.I have heard that the madicine name DEPWIN is very useful for this is it true please contact me …. 9466221881


    One of my family relations is suffering from Schizophrenia for last many years. For many years he was on Schizodon, Risperidone, & other tablets which gave many side effects. But lately, he has been given Sulphitac (Ami sulpride) Tablets 200 mg Morning & 400 mg(night) which has given him much relief for past couple of years. He is much stable now.

    Similarly another relation was treated with Ayurvedic Medicine- Manasamitra Vatukam Tablets alongwith Oil Dhara which gave a lot of relief .

    My phone contact-9599609553


    My e mail is saojipmer@gmail.com. Also I would like to know about day care centres with moderate tariff for such patients at Delhi and also where they can be given training /Rehabilitation etc Pl.informn at .My contact No.

  26. sudesh soni says:

    for ladies age 33 year suffering syzhoprenia not able to sleep fear and walking like drozyness

  27. Anil says:

    Schizophrenia can be cured by combined ayurvedic plus vitamin treatment. Check vitamans mainly Vitamin d3, Vitamin B12,Magnesium etc.Supplement in appropriate quantity. V-d3 should be kept above60ng/ml.Not minimum. Along with V-d3 , V-K2 -MK7′ Zinc,Magnesium etc should also taken.Ayurvedic Medicine- Manasamitra Vatukam Tablets are best antipsychotic drug w/o any side effects Lack of of other vitamins and minerals also causes mental problems.It should be treated by an Endocrinologist & definitely not by a psychiatrist

  28. Kapil Kapoor says:

    I hear voices in my head that are using very abusive language. Sometime more than two voices are heard using very abusive language.

    Is this schizophrenia.
    Can it be cured.

  29. Sukhneek Singh says:

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    My friend is suffering from Schizophrenia, she lives in USA and has consulted many doctors there. She is just surviving on medicines. Because of this ailment, she frequently suffers from cough, fever. I want to switch to some ayurvedic treatment now. I just want to know if there are any ayurvedic centres in Himachal Pradesh.

    I expect to hear from you soon as my friend is in India for a couple of days.

  30. Ashish says:

    My son aged 17years is suffering from schizophrenia from last 4years. Is heerak bhasma is useful. Please reply

  31. sindhu says:

    Iam ltcol sindhu r working in indian amy . my husband is suffering from schizophrenia sinc past 12 years . initially he was on tablet olanzipine for 2 years and he started having diabetic and obese , due to that military doctors stoped olanzipin and started on tablet resperidone . but he is not responding to that also . now he started having dyslipidemia and yesterday dr started on tablet clozepine . is there any special ayurvedic medicine for chronic schizophrenia. if so please tell and please guide me to right way to treat him, since he is only 45 years old . now he is retired army officer due to his illness. iam from kerala trivandrum , if u know any good ayurvedic centre in kerala , please let me know

    • Shaji says:

      My younger brother has been suffering from mental illness for last 15 yrs. Consulted many doctors and had to admit him many times in hospitals in a jailed kind environment to ensure he doesn’t run away from treatment. I recently cam across a ayurvedic centre in ottapalam , near palakkad. Brother was admitted and underwent 2-3 sessions over a period of 1 yr. He was recovering but couple of months back he stopped medication on getting upset with the doctor and went back into a psychotic episode and I had to admit him to a psychiatric ward of a hospital. He now wants to go back to the ayurvedic treatment. You can google for “PAHRC, palappuram near ottapalam” and speak to the doctor. I found the place to be good. But confused after my brother condition got bad recently but it seems due to not taking medicines. Doctor mobile nbr is +919447388935. Ayurvedic centre nbr is 04662244117

      Good luck. I can understand yr pain.

    • Shaji says:

      My brother has been suffering from mental illness for last 15 yrs. I took him to multiple doctors and had to forcefully admit him to many psychiatric hospitals but his condition keeps fluctuating. Due to side effects he used to stop allopathy medicines and get into psychotic attacks. None of the doctors have diagnosed properly….. Some termed it as schizophrenia, somwtines bipolar or just psychosis. Last year I took him to a ayurvedic centre run by a ayurvedic doctor near ottapalam, palakkad. Place is called ” PAHRC, at palappuram, near ottapalam. Tel nbr 04662244117. Doctor nbr +919447388935. My brother was admitted for a month and then underwent 2 sessions. Couple of months back he just stopped medication and his condition degraded to a psychotic attack. I had to admit him to a psychiatric hospital. He wants to now go back to the ayurvedic doctor. Check it out

      All the best. I can feel the pain as I am undergoing the same but in yr case , it’s yr husband. I salute you.


    • Manish says:

      Clozapine is the last set of medicine available today to treat schizophrenia beyond this medicine there is no hope……

  32. Nikki says:

    My daughter is suffering with paranoid. I want good aurevidic Doctor please help me

  33. Jyoti says:

    Need to consult a good Ayurvedic or homeo dr in banglore or delhi or Orissa for a 19 yr girl
    She has severe psychosis and treated in London
    But case has been complicated and brought bak to india
    Can anyone suggest good dr please
    My no 07702477866

  34. Jayesh says:


    Meri sister 4 yrs se Schizophrenia disease se suffer kar rahi hai. use ghabrahat, bechaini, kaan me avaje sunai dena, sucide vali feelings aana ye sab hota hai. usaka 3-4 hospital me Allopathy treatment kiya hai but jab tak medicines khati hai tab tak thoda aaram raheta hai jab band karati hai tab phir se problem start hota hai. Meri sister ko ECT bhi diya hai. Abhi hum logo ne ek Vaidyaji se consult kiya hai aur unhone niche vale bhasm diye hai
    1. vatchintamani ras
    2. panchratna special
    3. kumar kalyan ras
    4. sal bhaskar sat
    5. swarn bhasm
    6. kayapalat bhasm
    7. calcium buti ras

    Sabhi 5-5 grams quntity me hai. Unhone 3 months me puri tarah se disease cure ho jayega kaha hai.

    Please guide kijiye ki ye kitana effective hoga.


  35. deepak singh says:

    First of all I am Deepak Singh the disease begins for me 2 years earlier
    I used risperidon plus for 1.5 years but the side effects were not acceptable .some side effects were no hunger no thirst and many more problems for others suffering from the disease i suggest that please don’t use allopathic medicines . I suggest please practice yoga daily specially anulom vilom and pranayam it will help you to treat the disease and exercise regularly for 1 hour. Do it for one month I know its difficult but please help the victim wake up before the sun and pray to god thank you .
    I do the above and now I am all right without medicines .

  36. ALPESH MAKWANA says:

    Dear sir
    mere brother ko Schizophrenia Ka problem he. Please help us.

  37. Bhavesh says:

    Hi Everyone,
    My brother having same disease since last 16 years, he treated in London as well.. but not that much result we got..Now we are consulting Dr. ashish sheth mumbai…098194 86262 since last 1 year. He is cured and I can see around 80% improvement. Now he is having normal life like normal person….Medicine and proper dosage helping a lot..

  38. DR ASHOK SETH says:

    Give me best ayurveda clinic /ayurveda medical college address with phone number in kerala for complete cure for schizophrenia

  39. Prasad says:

    Hi, I have schizophrenia for the past 12 or 13 years, but got the right diagnosis and treatment and being on medicine regularly just from the past 7 years. I had a very terrible and horrifying experience without right diagnosis and medicine from a psychiatrist for many years. I had to change my prescribed medicines again and again, because most of all antipsychotics have major side effects on sexual life and other problems. Not only sexual life, these medicines have other side effects too like lack of interest in anything from personal to social.

    So, I decided to change my treatment from antipsychotics to Aurvedic medicine and started the ayurvedic medicine a month ago and have completely stopped taking antipsychotic medicines, though Ayurvedic doctor suggested to take both. Now, what i am experiencing is lack of sleep, though I am not experiencing any schizophrenia symptoms and recovering nicely from side effects of antipsychotics on sexual life.

    My question is that is schizophrenia completely curable with Ayurveda medicine and should I have to be on Ayurvedic medicine for life or just for a certain time till the disease cures? and is there any Ayurvedic medicine for sleep as I am addicted to antipsychotics just for the sleep and not getting enough sleep from the Ayurvedic medicine, which I am taking now for schizophrenia.

    please write me about your suggestions on Ayurvedic treatment and its effectiveness on the treatment of schizophrenia at


  40. sarabjeet kaur says:

    Hi Prasad,

    could you please share the contact details of Ayurvedic hospital from where you are having treatment.!!!
    its urgent.

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    If you are an Ayurvda Doctor, we will be happy to add your profile in our website free of cost. You can submit your profile by clicking here .
    You can also contact us by sending an email to support@ayurveddoctor.com with details like name, address, experience and contact no and/or email address etc. so that patients will be able to reach you directly when required.