Urticaria is a skin disorder which is popularly known as Sheeta Pitta in Ayurveda.

Reasons for Urticaria: Intestinal worms, exposure to cold air, repeated bath with cold water, psychic reasons are few reasons because of which patients may suffer from Urticaria. This can be treated as a kind of allergy affecting skin.

Symptoms of Urticaria: Initially patient will experience below symptoms before getting reddish patches on the body of the patient.

  • Elevated Thirst
  • Tastelessness
  • Heaviness in the body
  • Redness in the eye.

Afterwards there can be itching and pain in particular places in the skin along with vomiting(vomiting may not be there in some cases).This usually occurs in cold season after a cold attack.In some of the eruptions on the skin, there will be elevated edges and depression in the center which might indicate towards digestive disorder.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Urticaria:Turmeric(Curcuma longa) which is popularly known as Haridra in Ayurveda is a very effective medicine for Urticaria condition. You can use it in food items and give it to the patient. This is a mandatory ingredient for Indian cooking. Turmeric can also be taken with milk,sugar and honey.

Ayurvedic medicines like Arogyavardhini Rasa, Suthashekara Rasa, Kamadhugarasa are recommended by doctors to treat Urticaria. Above medicnes can be taken with honey.

Triphala tablets can be taken at night before going to bed to help a clear bowel. Even it is seen that buuter milk is an excellent home remedy for Urticaria. If patient diet on butter milk alone with out any medicines for 1-3 days Urticaria can be treated.

Mustard oil can be used externally on the affected parts.

Dite: Patients are advised to avoid any kind of sour, salty and pungent food. All kind of bitter vegetables are helpful in treating Urticaria. Plenty of fresh buttermilkĀ is recommended.

Rock salt mixed with mustard oil can be applied on the patient body and take a sun bath for some time. Hot water bath is advised afterwards. Don’t expose the patient to cold air. Green gram power can be used instead of soap.

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34 Responses so far.

  1. niranjan says:

    hello sir/mam,
    i am suffering by urticaria ( pitta )since 18yrs ., i have been treated by near abt 20 doctors in those days, including 4 ayurvedic doctors . i have been intaking cetrizine, atarax, avil for several years but get only timebeing relief, i have taken prolonged ayurvedic treatment which included sutshekar rasa, arkaneem ,kamadugha rasa, allerclin, avipattikar churna, many powder combinations given by my naturopathy doctor as well as maha-tikta ghruta, panch-tikta ghruta, rakt-shodhak ka

    • siva says:

      dear niranjan

      i am noticing my urticaria problem for last 6 months. are your still facing the issue 18+years ?

    • Ravneet Kaur says:

      Hey i would like to share something with people who is suffering from Urticaria. Even i am also suffering from Urticaria.
      i have noticed that in Medical science there is no cure for this disease except Steroid. which may cause other several problems like discomfort in breathing, Weight gain etc.
      just stop all the medications. just take 1-2 tsp Turmeric in milk and add honey instead of Sugar. it will really help you to get rid of this problem.

      this will not even help you to get rid of Urticaria even from other small small problems. and do not depress just have faith and positive approach that yes that i will be fine .

    • GURU says:

      Hi, i am also suffering form Urticaria since 6 years but i am consulting Homeopathy,Alopathy,and also Ayurvadic medicines Till we are suffering this problems,

    • R S Solanki says:

      Try out Kynotomine tablets from J & J DeChane Laboratories. I was suffering from the problem. Six years and 25 doctors later I was advised by a vaid to take 6 tablets per day of this medicine. In 10 days 25% improvement and three weeks later am normal.

  2. atish says:

    dear mam, i m suffering from urticaria from last 1 months.. i m taking 2-3 ayurvedic tablets and also poweder but its not so good bz it get some small bit relief, also i m taking citrizen and avil tablet …
    what should i do??

  3. siva says:

    Pls can someone share if any permanent remedy exists

    • Dr. Sanjay k thamman says:

      Yes urticaria can be treated with ancient ayurvedic medicines successfully

      • Harshal A Shah says:

        But which ancient medicine Dr.? And where it can be available?
        I have been suffering by the same for last 1 year.
        Please help me Dr.

  4. Nikhil says:

    my close relative is suffering from chronic cold Urticaria since last few years and I am looking forward for some kind of permanent cure via Ayurveda and Yoga.. It will be great if you can provide me with some kind of way to cure this ..

  5. gbiju says:

    iam suffering urticaria from 9 monts ayurvedic medicine eat 5 months half result what can i do?

  6. Himanshu Gupta says:


    My mother in law is seems to suffer from Urtricaria. she get red spots when she in cold or hot place . earlier she get relief from avil but now this medicine even not works. she also took Triphala tables but nothing works.
    she suffer from 1 year.please suggest what to do. earlier the spots display are in small size and usually goes after medicine. but now they are constantly available from many days.


  7. priya joshi says:

    my mother is suffering from uritcaria…she had it before but it stopped.
    then recently she started spotting symptoms of it again and is again suffering from uritcaria. Please suggest some method as she has already taken many medicines.
    thank you.

    • amit says:

      Take 1 spoon turmeric powder 3 times a day with milk.. and if u want homeopathic treatment than go for homeopathy medicine Urtica urens 30 potency take 10 drops for 3 times a day. it will take long time to cure ur problem.

  8. Manish says:

    my present age is 30 & i am suffring from urticaria about 12 years . in winter i face extrimelly defficulties due to this problem. …. please …………….please Give me. solution for this problem.


    HI i am vijay from Mumbai

    from last one year i am suffering from urticaria. i consult more than 4 doctors on which they suggested me take several medicine like Allegra 120 and so but it did not work… I had also taken ayurvedic medicine like haridrakhandh but nor this is help to cure my problem… my sincere request to all of you kindly advice as it is very inconvenient for me…….

  10. Himanshu Chauhan says:

    i am also suffering from Urticaria. But i am using amla (gooseberry) juice with Luke warm water empty stomach after waking up and before going to toilet every day and it’s really helpful than any other antihistamine tablet treatment. Please use it and share the benefits with all.

  11. P.V. Baburaj says:

    Allopathic medicine Teczine 5 mg each at night had given me immediate relif thoughout the day. even once in two days I used to consume the same. I am not sure about its side effect. so i stopped the same.Later i started with ayurvedic medicine with the advisce of doctor as guloochyadhi kashaya(articaria is know as sheeta pita in ayurveda ashtangahridaya) Now i have not much problem

  12. Sumit Kumar says:

    Hey..I too was suffering from this.. But I have recovered successfully.. I can tell you what i did to recover..i stay in noida

  13. Asrar Shah says:

    Please help me um suffering From chronic urticaria for last 7 months .

  14. Divyanshu shivam verma says:

    please sumit help me, i m suffering from urticaria since 8 years

  15. SAHIL says:

    Best apply “BR Marichyadi taila” on the location simple, plus Apis mellifica 30 (homeopathy) – one drop if in liquid 4 pils if in pills


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