What is Acidity?

The digestive acid which is created by stomach is essential in the digestive process. But when this acid is produced in excess, it creates problems, which is typically known as acidity. When the gastric juice is released in abundant quantity, it is known as Gastric Hyperacidity. There can be several reasons behind acidity/hyperacidity.

Causes of Acidity:

home remedies for acidityAcidity may happen due to abnormal food intake, spicy food, oily food and other metabolism issue in the body. Mostly acidity comes into the picture because of wrong food intake. As per typical requirement of the body, at least 80% food should be of alkaline in nature. Like green vegetables, fruits, salads etc. and at most 20% from acidic food like oily food, spicy food and all non-vegetarian food. When this balance is disturbed, acid secretion increases in the stomach resulting in acidity/hyperacidity.

Not only food, rather study says, negative emotions like anger, stress, etc. is also a major reason of acidity problem. That’s the reason cool and calm personality seldom faces diseases.

Home Remedies of Acidity:

  1. Avoid all types of fast food, non-vegetarian food, and oily/spicy food.
  2. Take as much fruit as possible. This will help to increase alkaline in the body, neutralizing the acidity affects. Banana, Watermelon, and cucumber are few recommended fruits which are proved helpful in acidity.
  3. Drink sufficient water (At least three litres). Take water more frequently.
  4. Almond helps in quick control over heartburn. Whenever you feel like heartburn, take few pieces of Almonds.
  5. Jaggery(Gur) is a proven home remedy for acidity. Put one piece in mouth and suck it slowly.
  6. Green coconut water is very helpful in acidity.
  7. Sleep sufficient. Do not work till late night.
  8. Fresh mint juice helps in reducing the side effects of acidity. You can have a glass of mint juice after food for fast relief.
  9. Take a small piece of raw garlic; this is an excellent digestive element. But don’t take an overdose, or else it will have a negative effect on acidity.

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  1. jayshree says:

    hello doctor
    i am stay at mumbai
    my uncle give me kerla ajaswagandhadi leham
    what use of this leham any side effect
    actulally my marriage 3 years complete
    but we dont have child

    kerla ajaswagandhadi leham its work

    • admin says:


      Few patients complain of sleeplessness or more appropriately less sleep, digestion problem etc. But it again depends on body type. We would suggest to take any medicines after consulting a doctor only.

      Ajaswagandhadi leham is usually prescribed as supplement in body building activities. Again it is suggested for weak body to fight fatigue, fight tiredness etc.

      But we suggested earlier, please visit a good Ayurvedic doctor near by you and after consulting take prescribed medicines to avoid any kind of side effects and rip best of Ayurveda.


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