What is Vomiting?

A forceful expulsion of contents of the stomach as a result of the contraction of the muscles of the stomach is known as vomiting. It is also known as emesis. Many times you attempt to vomit but don?t expel anything, such a condition is known as retching.

Causes of Vomiting:

Overeating or drinking excessive alcohol, infections, migraine, stomach upset or virus, Flu, poisoning, acute gastritis, intestinal obstructions, peptic ulcers and many other factors cause vomiting. However, just likes its plenty of causes there are also plenty home remedies available that cure vomiting.

Home remedies for Vomiting:

  1. Drink ginger tea with little amount of sugar to cure vomiting.
  2. Cold lemon juice is also beneficial when it comes to stop vomiting.
  3. Heat two cardamoms on a pan and make a powder and drink it with honey several times a day. This home remedy will easily help you to get rid of vomiting.
  4. Peach bark tea, catnip and holy basil also play a major role in treating vomiting. You can consume these whichever form you like.
  5. A mixture of lime juice and mint juice with ginger juice and little bit (1 tsp) of honey when taken 2-3 times a day effectively helps to treat vomiting.
  6. Drink onion juice after every 2 hours whenever you feel like vomiting.
  7. Make a mixture of ? tsp of cumin seeds and water and drink the mixture. This is one of the best home remedies that help to stop vomiting.
  8. If you vomit due to excess consumption of alcohol then eat 1-2 slices of bread as this will soak all the liquid.
  9. Put some pieces of clove or cinnamon in your mouth, this is an instant way to get rid of vomiting.
  10. A mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar when taken with water also effectively stops vomiting.
  11. Take a lemon and cut it into two pieces and then add some rock salt and then lick the lemon till you feel better. This is also one of the instant ways to stop vomiting.
  12. Avoid eating oily, heavy and indigestible foods and spicy foods whenever you are vomiting.
      So follow these home remedies whenever you suffer from vomiting. All these home remedies are easy and proven methods that help to get rid of vomiting. Apart from using these home remedies also keep in mind that you need to avoid solid foods after 12 hours of vomiting. Drink more and more fluids such as water, non-acid drinks and vegetable juices.

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