A human being, whether a man or a woman, a child, student, or a great professional tends to suffer from stress at some point in time. Stress leads an way into our mind and body and even before we act, and  it traps our body & mind which in turn leads to various psychological problems. Hence, it is important for you to keep stress at bay. One way of doing this is to practice yoga asanas.

There are many recommended ways to avoid stress from life. One way of doing this is to practice yoga asanas. Yoga asanas are well accepeted throughout the world to beat stress. These are safe and do not require any internal medicines, making it even faver.

Following are some of the yogic asanas which will help you to beat stress.

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose: Lie on the front and bend your elbows. Place your hands under your shoulders. Now, tilt your head till your head touches the ground. Once done, inhale and raise your forehead slowly. After this, you press your hands to raise your chest in the upward direction. Lift your chest in such a way so that it forms an arc in the backward direction far away from the floor. Practicing this asana for 3-5 times can keep stress away.



The Wind Relieving Pose: Lie on the ground comfortably and bring your right knee to your chest. Take your face towards the knee so that the nose touches your knee. Once done, loosen your shoulders and take long breaths for around 3-5 minutes and then follow this step for the other side. This asana helps you to relax which in turn keeps stress at bay. It is advisable to practice this asna regularly to reap full benefits of it.


Child’s pose: Sit on the heels and bend in the forward direction. Bring your forehead to the ground and with the palms facing upwards rest them away from your body. Once, done breathe in a gentle manner and relax for two to five minutes. Come out of this pose in slowly and experience the tranquillity. Practice this everyday to reap full benefit of this asana.


Seated Forward Bend/ Paschimottanasana: Sit with your back straight on the floor. Stretch your legs on the front side. Once done, raise your arms in the upward direction, straight above your head. After this, with your arms still in the upward direction, try to reach your shins and or ankles. While doing this, breathe for around 3-5 minutes and see how they make you feel composed and relieve stress.

These were some of the yogic asanas which when practiced can keep the stress at bay and can contribute towards a calm and peaceful mind. Perform these asanas early in the morning for better results.

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  1. killawalla says:

    thanks i may have a better chance of relieveing stress now then to keep it. my whole life ive held in things that nobody would understand but thanks to you guys ive made it!

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